Yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong

Yoga,meditation, Qi-Gong

the Art to breathe

Goddess Spirit

Leggings 78 % recycled polyamide and 22 % elestan

elegant leggings made of recycled polyamide, to express love and care towards our planet. Each woman was born to be a Goddess and feel the quality energies of a Goddess. This leggings will support You energetically in that. The recycled polyamide fabric has a very nice hugging effect, you will feel literally embraced by the leggings. The golden print is radiant just as the Goddess within…simple but beautiful.


organic cotton, fairtrade

Handpainted t-shirt by artist Pelush, Fioroni Ibiza

handpainted with love , Enso, circle of togetherness, just be in the moment, Feel the connection to nature, Be grateful, we are one

Cork Mats

  • Direct import from Portugal
  • Environment and social responsibility in the production method
  • Raw materials
  • Bases on almost no waste
  • Quality and innovation 
Recycled cork 1830 mm x 650 mm x 4 mm 1500 gr 74 €