About me

About me

The ART to be free

After an education in economics and a varied professional experience, I decided to create this heart project

Having had the opportunity to assist in the management of an art gallery, I observed how a work of art can change the energy from a person

With the mantra ‘The Art to be free’ I hope to share sensory and emotional experiences that will help develop feelings of freedom and well-being

‚The mass of a body is a measure of its energy contents‘ Albert Einstein

Here is my spiritual path:


Qi-Gong practice with Sandra Chenut, Physiotherapist, Qi-Gong and Therapeutic Meditation Teacher

Workshops with Dr Liu Dong Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture in California 

Qi-Gong of the Great Bear

Qi-Gong of Wisdom, meditation of the thousand hands of Buddha

Meditation and its relationship to brain neuroscience

Workshops with Dr. Helena Hua Zhang expert in womens’ health rooted in the ancient Chinese way of life & enriched by European & American TCM clinical experience

Body Light Qi-Gong to activate the vagus nerve

Blue Crystal Meditation to purify thoughts and develop optimism

Qi-Gong & Yoga workshops with Sandra Chenut and Sandrine Lavigne, gratuated from the French Federation of Hatha Yoga (FFHY) and trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, she has been on the Path of Yoga and Meditation for over 25 years

Jikiden Reiki

Registered at the Institut of Jikiden Reiki in Kyoto Japan

My direct line of JIKIDEN REIKI : Mikao Usui – Chujiro Hayashi – Chiyoko Yamaguchi – Tadao Yamaguchi – Karin Birchler Switzerland – Carole Grevis-Badia


Acupressure and Yin Yoga courses with Kata Van Doesselaar ERYT 500+ Yoga Teacher, Studio &Retreat Center owner, Breath & Massage Therapist, Healer and Soul reconnection Facilitator meditation teacher

Certified Yoga Nidra training with Martina

I hope that Cayuga will give You a possibility to connect and experience the essence of your Self

 ‚flow and grow with the Art to be free‘


Carole Grevis-Badia