Art of scent

Art of scent

the Art to create perfume

Brigitte Witschi

During a walk in Zurich along the Limat, Cayuga is lured by her curiosity into a boutique. The senses tingle and the scent draws her in magically: Mountain Scent and the journey with Brigitte Witschi begins.

Even as a girl, Brigitte Witschi was fascinated by the world of scents and was allowed to work as a “sorcerer’s apprentice” with her neighbour, the perfumer Rosa Kolb. As often as she could, she mixed Chypre fragrances, bottled the golden drops, stirred ointments, glued shiny labels and tied pink ribbons.

The world of fragrances then accompanied her through her many years of creative work as a therapist with blind children and young people, some of them with multiple disabilities. Here she was able to deepen and refine her knowledge of essences, ingredients and aromas and their effects on people.

In her therapeutic work, she created her own personalised fragrance blends tailored to the needs of the children according to the aspects of aromatherapy and often succeeded in opening doors to closed worlds.

She finally wanted to immerse herself completely in this world of scents and perfumes, to expand her knowledge and attended training courses at the ASFO in Grasse (Centre de formation professionnel aux métiers des parfums, des arômes et de la cosmétique) and with a private perfume teacher in France.

My fragrances are created in my head, only then does my nose come in. Let’s say I start from the image of a mountain meadow, I imagine the lush green, feel the herb, remember experiences and feelings and imagine a fragrance to go with it. Only then do I start mixing the essences.” BRIGITTE WITSCHI

Brigitte Witschi creates her personal fragrance designs and perfumes in her laboratory at home in peace and quiet.

For many people, immersion in the world of fragrances opens new doors and sensory impressions can be experienced more deeply and comprehensively.

50 ml eau de parfum 74 €

Bergduft eau de parfum 74 €

Edelweiss flowers used to be used as a love charm. If someone received an edelweiss as a gift, it was a great proof of love. The top note of the perfume is reminiscent of the soft, velvety white of edelweiss blossoms. The heart note has floral and light chords that underline the luminosity of this mountain flower. The base note is powdery, mysterious and warm, inspired by the velvety petals of this mystical flower. The perfume surrounds you with a gentle freshness that transforms over time into a magical, powdery touch.

Blauer Enzian
50 ml eau de parfum 74 €

Bergduft eau de parfum 50 ml 74 €

Gentian flowers reflect the luminous blue of the sky. Their azure calyx unites the freshness of the alpine air and the lively babble of the mountain stream. The top note of the perfume is light and sparkling like a spring. The heart note reveals light green elements reminiscent of the freshness of the alpine meadow. In the base note, the fragrance becomes soft and gentle, conveying the tranquillity and vastness of the mountain landscape. Fresh, sparkling and light, this fragrance accompanies you through the day and gives you a stimulating, positive aura!

50 ml eau de parfum 74 €

Bergduft roll on eau de parfum 10ml 26 €

Silver thistles shine brightly on the barren mountain meadows, turning their silver insides to the sky and shimmering in the light of the sun. In the top note, green-fresh elements meet and remind us of a mountain meadow, with its spicy and herbaceous green. The heart note has a soft, creamy undertone that conveys the comfort and tranquillity of an afternoon in a mountain hut. In the base note, the fragrance shows its strength and reveals a tangy-fresh pinch of spicy alpine air.

AARE WASSER-Bern Collection 50 ml eau de parfum 84 €

Aare – green, deep river – fresh, cool and invigorating.

I have captured the cool green, the freshness 

of the waves passing by, the depth of the bottom 

and the longing, the dream behind all the shores…

The sparkling impression of this eau de parfum comes from the lightness of the top note with green tea and white flowers, framed by an ozone freshness that tries to capture the coolness and gentle movement of the Bern River. Perfumer Brigitte Witschi used the special ingredient Hedione for the fragrance.

Hedione is derived from the Greek word “Hedone”, which means fun, desire and pleasure, and has a pleasant, fresh floral scent that combines with the coolness of other ingredients of the “aarewasser” to create an incredible tingle and has a bright radiance. According to research, Hedione activates a human pheromone receptor and seems to unconsciously increase our motivation and feelings of happiness. Not in vain, therefore, Hedione is also dubbed the smell of success. 

FINN-Bern Collection 50 ml eau de parfum 84 €

Finn – strong, headstrong bear – proud and full of dignity! Mystical and animalistic darkness, the green and the forest freshness of his surroundings combined with the aquatic breeze of the passing Aare…”

With the eau de parfum “Finn”, Brigitte Witschi captures the strength and idiosyncrasy of the bear: on the one hand it shows a tough and animalistic side with wood and leather notes, on the other hand it wants to be seductive and soft, with a mystical touch of musk and amber notes. Myrtle, pine and vetiver add a touch of woody freshness to the fragrance, depicting the green environment of bears. Aquatic notes like seaweed pay tribute to Finn’s preference: the cool, blue water freshness that the swimmer so cherishes. Finally, licorice adds a dark, sensitive note to the sensual scent: my strong, mysterious bear – you are so close to me and yet so far away!

Aare – green, deep river – fresh, cool and invigorating.

„I have captured the cool green, the freshness 

of the waves passing by, the depth of the bottom 

and the longing, the dream behind all the shores…“ Brigitte Witschi

EDOUARD-parfum d‘atelier 50 ml eau de parfum 120 €

„Our place is full of memories and moments of love.”

This composition is a tribute to Brigitte Witschi’s father. She was very young when she lost him. As an architect, he awakened in her an interest in design and the beautiful things in life.

Edouard is a warm and fresh fragrance for men, symbolizing strength and clarity.

The fruity citrus accord opens the top note. Then the pepper blends with the darker woody note and the green accent of the vetiver. The softness and warmth of the amber and tonka bean envelop and accompany the wearer throughout the day, gentle, soft and yet fresh.Bergamot, mandarin, pepper, cedarwood, tonka, vetiver, amber, musk Your silent night time, your dark stars – let them rest.

MÖNCH-Gold edition 50 ml eau de parfum 120 €

„Your silent night time, your dark stars – let them rest.“
Inspiring, profound and dark, powerful in depth. Dark stone and at the same time be warm and rich.
The mysterious and the powerful of faith during millennia finds anchorage in it. The powerful, the dominant and striking of the mountain.

The result is:

An intense, dark fragrance, tart and smoky, which carries the mystery of the mountains.

Jasmine sambac, carrot seed, iris, vetiver, eaglewood and ambergris.

Rosengarten-Bern Collection 50 ml eau de parfum 84 €

Let your dreams bloom, sweet seductive, warm, love…