the Art of spirit

Green Line

Our Green Line cone series is the equivalent of the Green Line sticks. They are made of the same high-quality paste, but have an even more intense scent, as more and more of the

more and more mass glows off a cone. These cones are pure pleasure!

Ylang Ylang

A beguilingly sweet scent that inspires our senses and opens our hearts.

Each approx. 16 g net (10 cones) with ceramic stand.

Absolutely natural

Made from high-quality herbs and resins

With a high content of pure essential oil

Ceramic holder included

Mystical holder, zen

These practical symbol holders are suitable for both incense sticks and cones.

Tower holder with Yin Yang

You will be fascinated by the beautiful effect of burning one or more incense sticks in this tower holder.

A special advantage of these holders is that the ash is collected cleanly inside the holder.

Height: approx. 30 cm, diameter foot approx. 10 cm