Hilly Kessler

Hilly Kessler

the art to paint

‘In my mind, the need to express myself through brush and paint was and is always present. Painting was my first passion.’

After training as a technical draftswoman, Hilly Kessler studied medicine and has been working as a gynecologist in Luxembourg since 1997. Painting, however, has been her passion since childhood.

Mixed media 30x40cm serigraphy

1959  born in Würzburg/Germany

1978 – 1979

Technical baccalaureate for engineering followed by a certificate as technical draftswoman for mechanical engineering

1979 – 1981

Full baccalaureate at the archbishopric Graf Spee College in Neuss

1989 – 1997

Specialist training with specialization in gynecology and obstetrics


Relocation to Luxembourg, specialist in Maternité CHL


Opening of a gynecological practice

Simultaneously and recurrently, during her studies and profession, various artistic trainings took place. Among them nude courses at the European Academy of Arts in Germany, in Italy and at the “école d’art contemporain” in Luxembourg.

Past exhibitions

Galerie Dominique Lang, Dudelange (L)Nov. 2007

Galerie Maggy Stein, Bettembourg (L)Feb. 2008

Centre Monet, Ecole d’art contemporain, Luxembourg (L)Juni 2008

Galerie Mikado, Luxembourg (L)Okt. 2008

Centre Nic Bosseler, Beckerich (L)Mrz. 2009

Galerie Maggy Stein, Bettembourg (L)Mrz. 2009

Villa Wendland, Güstritz (D)Mai 2009

Dexia, Luxembourg (L)Sept. 2009

Hotel Mercure Golf Club, Canach (L)Sept. 2009

Kunstmesse Salzburg (Collaboration Galerie Kass) (A)Nov. 2009

Galerie Miltgen, Luxembourg (L)Dez. 2009

Galerie Maggy Stein, Bettembourg (L)Juni 2010

Galleria Antonio Battaglia  (Collaboration Galerie Kass), Mailand (I)Juli 2010

Galerie Cri d’art, Metz (F)Okt. 2010

Castello vecchio, Verona (I)Sept. 2011

RBC Dexia, Esch (L)Sept. 2011

Galerie Miltgen, Luxembourg (L)Dez. 2011

Abtei Neumünster (Europa Donna), Luxembourg (L)Mai 2012

Domaine Viticole Schumacher, Wormeldange (L)Sept. 2012

Galerie Miltgen, Luxembourg (L)Dez. 2012

Eva Ferranti, Luxembourg (L)Mai 2013

Galerie Bertrand Kass, (AT)Aug. 2013

Riesling Open, Wormeldange (L)Sept. 2013

Galerie Heidefeld, Krefeld (D)Okt 2013

Theatre, Esch/Alzette (L)Okt 2013

Galerie “100% Luxembourg”, route de treves, Grevenmacher (L)Nov 2013

Wormeldange (L)Mai 2014

Mairie / Galerie Urbengsschlass, Hesperange (L)Sept 2014

Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (D)Nov 2014

Galerie am Duerf, Steinsel (L)Dez 2014

Théâtre, Esch/Alzette (L)Feb 2015

Wormeldange (L)Jun 2015

Ancienne église, Roodt-Syre (L)Okt 2015

Théâtre, Esch/Alzette (L)Feb 2016

Strassen (L)Jun 2016

Theater Esch (L)Feb 2017

Clinica Al Ronc,Castaneda (CH)Feb 2017

Sommerhausen / Main (D)Apr 2017

Remich (L)Apr 2017

Mersch (L)Okt 2017

Capellen (L)Apr 2018

Thionville (FR)Nov 2018

Bettembourg (L)Nov 2018

Roodt-sur-Syre (L)Mrz 2019

Bettembourg (L)Mai 2019