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Mala of Power and Strength

Rock Crystal and Rudraksha

Rock crystal – Stands for power and strength. It brings clarity and energy Rudraksha – It is considered a powerful protective pearl, which heaven provided for us for our path to the earthly.

Amethyst Mala for intuition

Amethyst and pine Amethyst strengthens our intuition and spirituality Pine beads – Pine stands for endurance and a long life.

Transformative Energies

Ajna pendant with silver necklace 55 €

Isis pendant with silver necklace 57 €

Pendant with lapis lazuli

Deep blue like the night full of magic two lapis lazuli shine in this piece of jewellery. The gold-coloured pyrite sparks are reminiscent of the stars in the night sky.

Isis – moon goddess, priestess and sorceress is the inspiration of this pendant and conveys the power of her foresight and clairvoyance.

Pendant, w. 23 mm, h. 36 mm

Goddess Energy pendant with silver necklace 67 €

The creative energy of the Mother Goddess is represented in this beautifully crafted silver pendant in the seed form of garnet. This shape also relates to the yoni, the sacred feminine energy. The two spirals symbolise the unfolding and evolution of the universe. A round peridot in the colour of the heart chakra reminds of the green of nature and points to the unconditional, expansive love of the mother goddess.

Avalon pendant with silver necklace 67 €

Avalon pendant with peridot

The mystical world of Avalon – once here on earth, now in higher dimensions, still holds a strong fascination for us.

The symbol for Avalon stands for the connection of two worlds and is at the same time a dimension gate. The material and the spiritual world, represented in two interlocking circles. A person walking on earth stands between both worlds. And both are important. The sign of Avalon helps to do justice to both sides, in eternal harmony and balance, centred in one’s own middle, stepping back and forth across the dimensional gates.

With two 3mm peridots. 925 sterling silver, ø 28 mm

Yggdrasil 15 € with necklace 32 €