Peter Wallimann

Peter Wallimann

the Art to cherish nature

Peter Wallimann was born in Lucerne in 1965. After his studies as a chemist, he worked in the private sector for a long time before he turned to his passion for photography, art and literature in 2009. Since then he has been working as a visual artist, gallery owner and author.

In his role as creative director, he launched the WBB GALLERY with partners in 2015 and has curated numerous exhibitions. In addition, he has been running the art platform SENSIGNS with his own graphics and photographs since 2003.

With his  project, NATURA POETICA, he campaigned for an appreciation of nature. His photo compositions want to touch and draw attention to the hidden wonders of life.

As an AUTHOR, he has published several essays, short stories and books, most recently 222 aphorisms under the title “Wisdom or Madness” (WOW).

NATURA POETICA is a photographic art project by Peter Wallimann with the aim of inspiring and sensitising people. The Swiss artist combines light-filled photographs of plants, butterflies and other small creatures with astronomical images, for example of the globe or the universe. The playful merging of microcosm and macrocosm creates near-natural, imaginary worlds full of beauty and fantasy.

NATURA POETICA combines expressive nature photographs with poetic texts and philosophical thoughts. The viewer is transported into sensitive spaces and enters into a mystical dialogue with creation. The works are intended to make the beauty and fragility of life visible – a prerequisite for more mindfulness in dealing with nature.

Out of gratitude and respect for nature, NATURA POETICA is committed to a change in consciousness and cooperates with NGOs in the field of sustainability and nature conservation.