Rol Steimes

Rol Steimes

the Art to feel the essence

Born in Dudelange, Rol Steimes is a luxembourgish artist.

His works cover a wide range, from small abstract landscapes and macro views to large-scale industrial landscapes. Since 1991, his works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Many of his paintings are part of public collections of Luxembourg Embassies, such as the embassies of Shanghai, Lisboa, AbuDhabi, Tokyo, Warsaw Copenhague, Moscow, Bankok and Brussels. Some works are part of public collections of Ministries and Town Halls in Luxembourg.

The new white landscapes realized with fire, lit directly on the canvas gives a new dimension to his art. The paintings of Rol Steimes have to be analyzed in a more figurative way of understanding than they could appear at first sight. The artist’s secret, nearly metaphysical way of representing real places or objects will lead the spectator to ask one question: “What is happening…”

“I love observing open flames, wood burning or even steam and smoke rising and being blown away by the wind. It is strong and destructive on one side, quiet, beautiful and calming on the other side. “