Samuël Levy

Samuël Levy

the art to feel nature

The motifs used evoke roots, plants, star constellations and organic and bony masses.

Perceive your own energy and know how to transform it.
Our inner self is inseparable from the outer world and linked to nature.
Our bodies contain all the elements of the universe.
The universe was born from fire, from an explosion so powerful that the sun then formed keeps the earth alive with its heat.
Our bodies contain traces of the elements of the big bang, 13.7 billion years ago, at the birth of our galaxy.
Every mineral, every substance, every element is found within us.
Our heart, the center of our body, our sun, with its electromagnetic radiation, communicates with every cell in our body and our environment.
All life depends on light and warmth.
Our Purpose is a reminder of this light.
Samuël Levy’s work, in its symbolic representation, is the very essence of life. It attempts to re-establish a link between man (in his deepest nature) and nature itself. The motifs used evoke roots, plants, star constellations and organic, bony masses evolving in a vegetal magma.

Man’s interaction with universal energies, with nature.
Samuël Levy’s art enables us to reconnect with our nature.
To feel our inner space, our source of light, and at the same time to spread this light by opening up and daring to share it.
Sharing this light is one of the meanings of life; sharing can give meaning to life. Life is always in motion, and so everything is in the flow at every moment. Accepting this and following these movements allows us to find a balance for ourselves and our environment. Sharing represents this very movement, allowing us to stay in the flux, in the flow, in the exchange, to feel the cycle of life, to encourage the union of all that is energy.

Samuël’s creations remind us of our Source of inner strength.
Being with us gives us profound peace of mind.
By recognizing who we are, we become love and light.
From the moment we agree to feel our inner space, from the moment we accept ourselves as we are, we allow ourselves to be alone, and this feeling can be transformed into a precious sense of being all one.
We are one with creation, one with all that is and ever will be.
We experience purity of being, and therefore total freedom.

-By recreating a link between man and nature, Samuël Levy’s works enable us to reconnect with our inner space.
The motifs used remind us of the wonders of the universe.
The colors, lights, threads and shapes take us on a journey, giving us a sense of searching for the unknown. A return to the source, a discovery of the self and, at the same time, awareness of the unknown.