Singing Bowls

Singing bowls

the Art to connect to your Self

Tibetan singing bowls is originally the name for handmade singing bowls from the Himalayan region.

Today, this designation has become established as a trade name, even though the bowls now come from Nepal and from the Indian states of Assam, Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

Tibetan singing bowls are made in elaborate and painstaking handwork from a brass alloy with 5 -12 different metals. The alloy is hammered into shape over a fire, i.e. “beaten”.

The quality of a singing bowl is crucial: A singing bowl should vibrate for a long time without having side noises. Besides the long sound, the spreading of the sounds is also important.

Most bowls have 2 or 3 tones that sound simultaneously.

The traditional use is for meditation.

Today they are also used for relaxation, regeneration, improving health, stimulating the immune system.