Yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong

Yoga,meditation, Qi-Gong

the Art to breathe

Compact clean eco

Natural rubber tree and cotton

made by Yogo

Cork Mats

  • Direct import from Portugal
  • Environment and social responsibility in the production method
  • Raw materials
  • Bases on almost no waste
  • Quality and innovation 
Recycled cork 1830 mm x 650 mm x 4 mm 1500 gr 74 €

Yoga cork block, large

Yoga blocks are a popular aid for all kinds of exercises. They serve as a support, as a sitting elevation, for stretching exercises and support the yogi in various postures.

Our cork blocks are made of high-quality cork. Cork is an environmentally friendly, natural material. It is particularly suitable as a yoga block due to its grip and pleasant feel. With a low weight, the cork block is robust and yet slightly elastic at the same time.

Three symbols strengthen the energy of your yoga exercises:

The flower of life: Helps us to remember who we really are.

Buddha Man: Symbolises the unity of body, soul & spirit

Mandala: Gives harmony

H: 10 cm, L: 23 cm, W: 15 cm 25 €

These World Tree mats, measuring 182 x 61 cm, offer plenty of space for your exercises. They are 6 mm thick – ideal for a good grip and pleasantly soft at the same time.

The World Tree is lasered into the yoga mat. It has the power to guide us to our inner centre and connect us with our soul wisdom. Deeply rooted, we can reach for the stars and enjoy life full of energy. Thus, as a strong symbol, it supports exactly the goal of your yoga exercises.

Yoga mat made of environmentally friendly TPE

The mat is made of TPE – an environmentally friendly, 100% degradable plastic. Therefore, please do not leave your yoga mat in the sun for too long. TPE contains no allergens, is extremely non-slip and cushions well 40 €